A Special General Assembly Session has been minuted...

Having the purpose of reviewing, amending and approving the relevant various organizational policies, by-laws, directives and procedures, a Special General Assembly Session has been organized on 26 December 2016.

The Session discussed with the majority of the general members on various existing policies and procedures and take decisions with appropriate revisions raised and justified by the members of the session. The following policieas and procedures were approved from the special general assembly session.

The Organizational Policy on:

  • The Child Protection Policy
  • The Policy on Complaint Hearing and Management
  • The Rental Policy of Diyalo's Premises and Equipments
  • Code of Conduct or Diyalo Pariwar's Members and Perconnel

The session was chaired by the Diyalo Pariwar's President Mr. Kedar Nath Khanal and moderated by the Secretary Mr. Rasik Pradhan.

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