Initiation for Short-term Shelter to Earthquake Victims is in progress...

With the collective initiation led by the Chief District Officer of Chitwan, a Temporary shelter for maximum lasting up to the end of this coming rainy season for those discharged patients and their care-takers who were admitted and treated in different hospitals in Chitwan after the devastating earthquake of 7.8 magnitudes on 25 April 2015 has been initiated and work on progress.

Along with District Administration Office Chitwan, other concerned Local Bodies and line agencies like Women and Children Office, District Public Health Office, District Child Welfare Board, working NGOs in Chitwan like Diyalo pariwar, umbrella organizations like- Chitwan Chamber and Commerce, Hotel Association, Marwadi Sewa Kendra, Narayani Ghar Jagga byabasayi Sangh, Tent-Catering and Party Place Association  supported by Nepal Army and Nepal Police ; a team has been formed and progress of establishing the TEMPORARAY SHORTTERM SHELTER for Earthquake victims  has been started.

The team is preparing the shelter for 30 families keeping in mind that the incensement of victims toll high. The focus will be on children and women as they are more risk of having various consequences as their permanent places have been destroyed and have to look for other places for the further livings.

For the time being, the incomplete infrastructure which was founded and installed in the name of Communist Veteran Leader Lt. Pushpalal Shrestha allocated in Bharatpur-1, Narayani Nadi Kinar will be maintained as "Temporary Shelter". This building is now managed by Diyalo Pariwar Narayangarh as Diyalo Pariwar is planning to establish  a Day Care Center or the Street Children will full child development activities in the days ahead.

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