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Establishment of
"Digital based Development Mini-Resource Center"


Development and promotion of Learning Materials
On Peace & Development, Child Rights, Gender, HIV&AIDS and Development issues
Through the provision of Digital Equipments

About Diyalo Pariwar:

Diyalo Pariwar (DP) was established by the efforts of some youths with aim of social services. In the days of beginning Diyalo concentrated its activities in small boundary types of programs regarding welfare and charitable programs such as cleaning and management of waste, installation of post letter stands, sports, cultural activities (i.e.- organizing the Deusi & Bhailo etc.), stall programs in festivals, rescue programs in natural destroys, establishment of reading room for local youths etc.

Diyalo Pariwar is registered (Reg. No – 05/042/043) in the Chitawan District Administration Office and is affiliated with the Social Welfare Council (No.- 124/042/043) and NGO Federation of Nepal.. After the registration with concerned bodies of Government in 1985, Diyalo Pariwar was noticed by some helping agencies and began work as a social change agent in the communities. It started one-short programs with the different support organizations. According to the gradual shift on ideology, development perspectives and NGO's role in social transformation, Diyalo Pariwar has attempted the scenario and involved in to the existing development values, norms, perceptions and practices. Currently it is working in the field of integrated community development, HIV/AIDS, Peace Building Process, Good governance, Gender and other relevant Social Issues.

Maintaining the Volunteerism and Volunteer based assignments; Diyalo Pariwar is responding so many social issues within the District. In the Current Days, Diyalo Pariwar is involving and acting as a Civil Society to respond and support the peace and development in Nation. It has experiences of responding the AIDS and Worst Forms of Child Labors. Diyalo Pariwar is always seeking the positive supports in any forms i.e. - donation, equipments and infrastructures development etc.

Establishment of "Digital based Development Mini-Resource Center":

The Context and Purpose: Why we are thinking to do...

Continuous study and practices always lead the development activists towards sharpened mind and trained facilitator for the successful development interventions. Development Activists are always found "hunger for knowledge fro local solutions using the traditions, arts and cultures".

In our local context of Chitawan District, there is lack of reference center for the development related books and other IEC (Information, Education and Communication) materials which are based on arts and cultures that promote the people’s empowerment process. So, we are interested to establish a "digitally workable mini-resource center" in Chitawan District that truly focused the development issues as well as artistic and culturally appropriate training aids. We believe that sharing the knowledge will lead for mutual benefit and promotes the Volunteerism as well as professionalism in the field of Development activities/services which lead towards sustainable development supports.

Currently, Diyalo Pariwar is growing as leading Volunteers based "Civil Society" in Chitawan District. With the gradual shifting of the ideology and time-based strategies and needs, Diyalo Pariwar is acting as a local advocate for development Professionalism mainstreaming the Volunteerism to promote the “Learning and teaching Aids” in the District.

The Society has more expectations from Diyalo Pariwar. Local People are always encouraging us to establish the public library or Resource Center. Students from Colleges are frequently visiting the organization to look for their thesis support and field based studies on different social issues. Unfortunately, we are marginalized by the modern technology (Computer facilities, Internet Services etc.) and relevant publications and IECs. By collecting and raising funds from the local community, we are hardly managing our office and local events. We have no regular fund generating sources except providing the Training Halls to others with minimum fee. Although we have limited resources, we are planning to develop the organization as a Well Equipped "NGO / CBO Resource Center" in the Chitawan District which can serve as development assistant for several thematic areas of sustainable and integrated development issues. 

Diyalo Pariwar has been benefited from its few members during the establishment phase of mini-resource center in some extent. Some members have good collections on HIV & AIDS related books and other development related IECs as they were frequently participated in the International AIDS Conferences. At present, these members have provided more than 1000 items of IECs to initiate the mini-Resource Center within the organization hoping to make their collections useful to other members and incoming interested persons from the various organizations and institutions. We hope it will grow with your love and supports in the days coming with more strengths and opportunities!
Objectives of the Development Mini-Resource Center:  What we want to do...

We have very limited and small objective in these days of beginning. Being more ambitious we may be failure. Thus, the following are our objectives:

• To collect the relevant materials which are needed and important for the NGOs / CBOs and other Volunteer based Organizations including self-help groups.
• To develop and promote arts and cultures based teaching aids among the development actors / workers and facilitators by providing computer services, photocopy services, verities of creative designs, drawings, manuals and concerned references including the CDs and DVDs as per their interest.
• To support own members and volunteers and other organizations by providing the opportunity of consulting relevant IECs and manual to upgrade their leadership and capacity building  in the fields of Peace and Development, Gender and Development, HIV/AIDS, Child Rights, Good Governance and Drinking Water and Sanitation etc.

Our Progress till date:  What we are doing currently...

There is a considerable collection of HIV/AIDS and Health related IEC materials including manuals and reports. Facilitators are getting benefit from this mini initiation.  In this very initial phase, we have some publications of UN agencies (UNDP, UNV, Unicef, ILO/IPEC, UNAIDS, WFP, WHO, UNFPA, FHI-Nepal etc.) and other International and national organizations (Action Aid, Asia Foundation, NGO Federation of Nepal, South Asia Partnership Nepal, Fund Board etc.)But they are International and we people are looking to develop and promote the training / teaching aids locally which will be based on local values, traditions, cultures and loved practices as well as we want to make available digital resources through the provision of 24/7 ONLINE facilities.

Our Expectations: Your support will motivate us...

We are seeking supports to make our mini-resource center more equipped and facilitated. For this, we need more verities of books, manuals, reports, journals, periodicals, Office equipments and many more related materials that may be used in the Development Fields directly or as references. Mainly we are interested to take the initiation on developing teaching aids using the arts, graphics and picking the local creative minds that are doing something good using their arts and culture oriented sense of humor.

We feel free to say that we are not sufficiently equipped by the furniture like Steel Almari, Cup board, TV trolley, computer table and office equipments like- Computers, Multi media set (with LCD), OHP, Photocopy Machine, Digital Camera and others. Availability of these equipments and IEC materials in the Resource Center will explore more talents and potential development facilitators in different sectors of the Nation's Development. We have always received many more telephone calls and other enquiries from the different types of Social Activists asking about the reference materials for their training and other capacity development based purposes. Therefore, we would like to request to provide appropriate publications and disposed or used (but workable) electronic equipments and furniture to make the resource center more convenient and easy access and comfort for read and write and doing creative works and ideas.

Finally, we assured you all that your supports to our "Mini-Resource Center" do not go waste and wrong by decision. We can manage it very easily promoting volunteerism and mobilizing more Volunteers. We can change the youths and influence them to act as Social Activist for the local community and development at large using the arts and culture.
Expected Outcomes: What we want to achieve (desired results)…

In fact the successful Resource Center will support to make the Chitawan's Development activities more effective. The Resource Center will help to gather the development actors and practitioners for continuous interactions and to learn together.  Equipping the center with the concerned Books and IECs, Equipments and accessories and creating facilitated environment to learn and practice in the different fields of development choices like HIV/AIDS, Peace and Development, Gender, Child Rights and other areas of interests will directly promote the Chitawan's development agencies and civil societies as well as individuals towards more knowledgeable and skillful for the sustainable development and locally clever solution based Interventions.

The following are the major expected outcomes:

• Will have resourceful collections of relevant materials and will have supported to the NGOs / CBOs and other Volunteer based Organizations including self-help groups for their capacity building by knowledge and skill development.
• Will have found developed reading and writing habit among the development actors / workers and facilitators using computer services, photocopy services, verities of books, manuals and concerned references including the CDs and DVDs as per their interest and areas of requirements.
• Will have developed teaching materials which are purely based on arts and cultural works (example- Thanka Arts, Story telling cards, ethics promoting pictorials etc.)


What We Have… What We are Looking from You all…

• We have own building having more spaces for the future extensions close in the bank of the Narayani River with beautiful view-sites …
• Moderately accommodated training halls…
• Good collections of books, CDs and other IECs on HIV & AIDS from the International AIDS Conferences…
• Sufficient furniture and working spaces…
• A bit collection of local arts and cultures presenting materials (in the forms of posters, hand drawings etc.)
• A Mini-Resource Center has been initiated for continuous learning and capacity building… • We offer our building and spaces for the equipped "Development Resource Center" by which we can develop our capacities in the field of development interventions with new ideas and improved thoughts as well as best practices…
• We are looking some more books, training manuals, development reports, journals and other related IEC materials in different issues…
• We feel free to request for office equipments like-computers, OHP, Multi-media, Photocopier, Scanner, Camera etc. and some Revolving fund to develop the Resource Center…


Budget Estimation: How much Dollars we need?

According to our rough calculation, Budget can be differs. If we go with the concept of Development Resource Centre the Budget could be around USD 50,000.

After your feedback on this Mini-Proposal, we will work out minutely on Budgeting Part.

 Looking your response and appropriate guidance and suggestions by which we can develop our newly initiated locally based mini-resource center more useful for wider perspective on availability of verities of development learning and teaching Aids…

Thank You!


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